The Gift Of Sight.ORG
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31 cents is all it takes to make a

significant, positive difference in

someone's life.

Our mission: To provide reading glasses to people around the world who are desperately poor, or have no access to them.  To draw attention to their plight, and involve other humanitarian organizations in recognizing this overlooked but easily corrected serious issue.

Presbyopia is the medical term for this condition that mimics farsightedness.

It is universal and is almost always associated with the aging process.

Non-prescription reading glasses can correct blurred vision at close distances.

They are not intended to deal with more serious sight conditions.

They can be safely self-prescribed by the user with the aid of a simple eye chart.

For many people in the third world the ability to mend a net, to thread a needle, or to perhaps repair the village water pump can be lost to them for lack of a pair of glasses costing 31 cents.